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Bus Stop Service Improvement Project

Transit Stop Design Guide

The Transit Stop Design Guide provides clear infrastructure guidance to facilitate better coordination between COTA, municipalities, developers and consultants in the design and construction of transit facilities as well as communities that will be served by transit.

Review the Transit Stop Design Guide.

Bus Stop Service Improvement Project (BSSIP)

The BSSIP was a system-wide initiative to evaluate the stop spacing on all lines in the COTA system and make adjustments in accordance with our spacing standards. The initiative was completed in September of 2015 and is the standard for all COTA initiatives.

Spacing Improves Service

In 2010, COTA began a multi-year initiative to analyze all existing bus stops. Many of the communities in COTA’s service area have changed over time and the existing bus stops may not reflect current land use and population density.

Bus Stop Spacing Guidelines

Population Density New Bus Stop Spacing Standard
High Density/CBD
20 people/acre
500 – 700 feet
Fully-developed Residential
10-20 people/acre
700 – 850 feet
Low Density Residential
3-10 people/acre
850 – 1200 feet
Rural Areas or Express Routes
0-3 people/acre
1200+ feet

Other Factors Affecting Bus Stop Placement

  • Ridership
  • Pedestrian amenities like sidewalks and crosswalks
  • Special populations
  • Nearby destinations
  • Transfer opportunities

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Download our Bus Stop Service Improvement Project Presentation.